Share or show?


I suspect that the word “share” is one of the most used words on the Internet.

What does it mean — and not mean? What do I do when I “share”?

I send a link to a friend or acquaintance, I post an article or picture in a newsgroup or Facebook.

How is that sharing, and not just sending, forwarding or showing?

These questions are useful if the word is to have a substantial meaning, or, if we are to use it with reflection and not just as a cloud-engendering pop euphemism.

I can share dinner with you if we sit at the same table. Sharing a picture of my dinner with you is showing you my dinner.

My unphotoshopped dinner

It is shown, not really shared. (And considering this particular dinner, you might be glad it isn’t .-)

We can really only share things and experiences IRL (“in real life”), at a short distance, with folks who are physically close to us. That doesn’t mean that sending, forwarding or showing has no value. That would be limiting.

But they ARE something different.

I am showing very many things to the world currently, and sharing very few. I wish it were the other way around. Ah well, at least I am not fooling myself into believing that I share when I show, and then wonder why my “sharing” gives so little IRL satisfaction.

What say Queen?

Looking forward to the song “The real sharing must go on”.

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