Variety is the spice of Like

Aren’t we getting much too predictable with our praise nowadays?

We click a Like button, and that’s it. Facebook has expanded the repertoire enormously to six (6) symbols: Like, love, haha [springtime for humor], wow, sad, angry.

Now thats rich! Not.

How can we get out of this boring rut, dictated by Messrs Zuckerberg & Co? Here are some suggestions. Instead of clicking Like:

pointing-trspBe radical! Send flowers!

pointing-trsp Write a few well thought out words: “I really like that. And by the way, I really like YOU a lot. Did I ever tell you that in plain language? If not, now’s the time!”

pointing-trspShare, repost or re-tweet what you liked to 30 of your friends or contacts, with the comment “Fantastic, you just have to check this out, folks!”

pointing-trspSend chocolate. True, it takes a bit longer to arrive than a Facebook Like, but who is in a hurry? If you are, send it right away.

pointing-trspIf the person is close by, go and give him/her a hug and a kiss. Now we are talking real broadband…

pointing-trspSend a loving SMS. It’s not much but it’s more than a like.

pointing-trsp Phone the person up. Use your voice, not just your fingers, to convey how much you like whatever it is you like. Hearing a voice is already a gift in a world that has gotten used to primitive messages that have to be read head sideways.

pointing-trspInvite the person to dinner, coffee and chat or the movies. The world could end tomorrow, so you might as well make the best and happiest of it.

Szeressük egymást gyerekek.
Szeressük egymást gyerekek.

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