Headwind is a newsletter/online magazine against the grain.

It presents provocative (to others, not YOU of course .-) and profitable* articles about phenomena that are — in the unorthodoxly educated opinion of yours truly — questionable, sophistical, vulgar and plain dangerous to our world.

* profitable = advantegous, helpful, valuable (if you value viewpoints outside the box)

Think of Headwind as the friendly but emphatic bark of a watchdog.

watch2No — I will not fall into the well of Ranting, sniffing out errors, being a heat-seeking shit-detector automaton, making things out to be worse than they are.

Yes — I find many things in life beautiful, charming and touching (not the least as a sometime photographer). The glass is surely more than half full.

The spirit of Christmas
The spirit of Christmas

However, my work instincts guide me to what can be improved. The headwind blows especially towards imperfections that are Photoshopped by PR people who, adroit at finding the attractive euphemism, the reassuring half-lie, the forgiving circumlocution, are selling us worthless tinsel and lead us up the garden path to hell. (Remember, PR is also a shortening for per rectum.)

Imperfection is one thing. We are all imperfect; some of us are even lying in the gutter. But intentionally deceitful beautification tries to stop us from looking at the stars.

Fair winds to you

Ladislaus Horatius

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